Support Services

We all need support in different ways; Refresh can support you wherever you live and enable you to maintain your independence.

  • 1:1 support
  • Availability of staff 9am to 5pm
  • Availability of evening staff 5pm to 10pm
  • Sleep in staff
  • Waking nights
  • On call and additional support services available 24/7/365

Support to Access The Community

Our staff can support you to access the local community, surrounding areas and to enjoy being part of your local community. Some examples may include; local cafes, visiting the library, support with shopping, accessing the bank, appointments, supporting with independently accessing local transport and gaining bus passes, to accessing local events, social clubs, recreation, sports and much more.

Support with Daily Living Skills

Refresh staff can support you with maintaining and developing your daily living skills around the home such as; cleaning, tidying, laundry and other skills to maintain your home environment whilst promoting independence.

Promoting Personal Hygiene

Support can be offered to maintain and develop skills regarding personal hygiene, choosing appropriate seasonal clothing and reminding to change clothes.

Medication Prompts

Our staff can support you to maximise your independence with medication needs whilst minimising any associated risks. This may include; repeat prescriptions, prompts and reminders.

Support with mental health, learning disabilities and other complex needs

Refresh can support you to maintain mental and physical wellbeing, working in collaboration with other agencies to enable a holistic support plan and in achieving successful outcomes.

Support can be offered to reduce feelings of anxiety through motivation, encouragement, praise, distraction techniques and emotional support.

Support with seeking education, voluntary work and employment opportunities

We can support and assist you to find opportunities to develop and enhance your skills.

We have supported individuals to access voluntary work, employment, training and educational courses, local groups and day centres.

Refresh Laundry Service

Refresh offer a full laundry service which includes collection, washing, drying, ironing and delivery of clean clothes.

Refresh can also support you to access the laundrette and to learn these skills if you choose.

Refresh meal and refreshment options

Refresh can offer delicious home cooked meals and cater for all dietary requirements whilst promoting healthy choices.

There are various options including breakfast, lunch, and evening dinner. You have the option to be involved in the cooking and preparation to maintain and improve your cooking skills. Refreshments may include tea, coffee and cordial which can be provided throughout the day and evening.

Refresh can support individuals to plan and budget for meals, go shopping for ingredients and support you to prepare and cook your chosen meals.

Benefits support, financial contribution advice and correspondence

Our qualified and experienced office staff can support you to complete forms and support you to access your entitlements.

Staff can support you with any correspondence and ensure that you are fully involved in the process.

Joint Working

With your consent Refresh can work in collaboration with local councils, brokerage services, GP's, social workers, mental health care professionals, and other agencies to ensure you have a holistic service.

Hospital Discharge

Whatever your recovery path may be, your next steps after discharge are very important. You may have a clear plan, but if not, we may be able to help.

We have an After Hospital leaflet which explains more.

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